OVBA for individuals

Great value package

  • 1st pair of single vision glasses is $149.00 or $159.00 for bifocal glasses. ( Eye exam, select frames & Cr-39 lenses)
  • 2nd pair of single vision glasses is $89.00 or $99.00 for a 2nd pair of bifocal glasses.(select frames & Cr-39 lenses)
  • Savings of $60. If your current medical insurance covers an eye exam, you pay only $89.00 for the first pair of single vision glasses and $99.00 for bifocal glasses.
  • Contact Lens Savings 20% reduction from the doctor's usual and customary professional fitting fee. No reduction on contact lens material fee.
  • Items may be purchased separately: Eye exam($60.00), Select Frame($40.00), Cr-39 Single Vision glasses($49.00) and Bifocal glasses($59.00).

Professional Services

  • A select network of Eye Care Providers is conveniently located in your neighborhood.
  • We provide primary eye care vision with no hidden costs. No monthly premiums and no deductibles.
  • Most routine optometry procedures and optical goods are available to members.
  • Pediatric, Low Vision and Specialty lenses are available.*
  • Safety, Sports and Medical Eyewear are available*

No restrictions on product selection!

* OVBA offers the latest lens technology and designer frames at a low additional fee.


  • Opti-Vision Benefit of America (OBVA) is an organized group of professional eye care providers, offering all aspects of Optometry Services and Optical Goods in your neighborhood. Our plan offers cost effectiveness, quality control and personalized services that are second to none.
  • OVBA is an affordable vision care and optical goods alternative to chain stores and large discount houses. We specialize in providing eye care for individuals and families. If you're insured for eyecare, you still may join OVBA and purchase a second and third pair of glasses.
  • OVBA is dedicated to providing the highest quality vision services and optical goods. We offer individual attention and attractive prices to our members at professional optometry offices in your neighborhood.
    (Chain stores offer limited frame and lens selection, low-end products and impersonal customer service.)
    Our goal at OVBA is to maintain high standards of quality and to provide you with personalized attention.
  • OVBA members pay NO monthly premiums and NO deductibles. OVBA is NOT an insurance plan where monthly premiums are required and the member must meet deductibles. With OVBA, you pay ONLY when you need eye care services.

* OVBA offers the latest lens technology and designer frames at a low additional fee.

For further information, please contact us at:

Address: 5552 W. Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016
Phone: (800) 809-6822 or (323) 932-9003
Fax: (800) 932-6008 or (323) 932-6001
Email: info@OVBA.net


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