OVBA for groups

Join A Group, Get Great Value!

As a group member, annual membership provides you with a basic package of a comprehensive eye exam, 2 pairs of glasses and contact lenses.

  • 1st pair of single vision glasses is $149.00 or $159.00 for bifocal glasses. ( Eye exam, frame & Cr-39 lenses)
  • 2nd pair of single vision glasses is $89.00 or $99.00 for a 2nd pair of bifocal glasses.(frame & Cr-39 lenses)
  • Savings of $60. If your current medical insurance covers an eye exam, you pay only $89.00 for the first pair of single vision glasses and $99.00 for bifocal glasses.
  • One pair of professionally fitted contact lenses, a comprehensive eye exam and any required training is available at 20% discount off the usual and the customary provider's fee.
    ** Hard, gas permeable contact lenses are available at an additional low fee.
  • Items may be purchased separately: Eye exam-$60.00, Frame-$40.00, Single Vision glasses-$49.00 and Bifocal glasses- $59.00.

Professional Services

  • A Select Network of Eye Care Providers is conveniently located in your neighborhood.
  • Primary eye care vision is provided with no hidden costs. No monthly premiums, no deductibles.
  • Pediatric, Low Vision and Specialty lenses , Safety, Sports and Medical Eyewear are also available.

No Restrictions on Products

  • OVBA offers the latest lens technology and designer frames at a low additional fee.
  • Organized groups may receive additional benefits in products and services. If necessary OVBA will customize the benefits of organized groups.

For further information, please contact us at:

Address: 5552 W. Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016
Phone: (800) 809-6822 or (323) 932-9003
Fax: (800) 932-6008 or (323) 932-6001
Email: info@OVBA.net


Free Registration

No monthly dues

Special privileges for group members