Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard OVBA membership package?

The Basic package includes: Comprehensive eye exam, 2pairs of glasses & contact lenses.

1st pair of single vision glasses is $149.00 or $159.00 for bifocal glasses. ( Eye exam, frame & Cr-39 lenses)

2nd pair of single vision glasses is $89.00 or $99.00 for a 2nd pair of bifocal glasses.(frame & Cr-39 lenses)

Savings of $60. If your current medical insurance covers an eye exam, you pay only $89.00 for the first pair of single vision glasses and $99.00 for bifocal glasses.

One pair of professionally fitted contact lenses, a comprehensive eye exam and any required training is available at 20% discount off the usual and the customary provider's fee.
** Hard, gas permeable contact lenses are available at an additional low fee.

Items may be purchased separately: Eye exam-$60.00, Frame-$40.00, Single Vision glasses-$49.00 and Bifocal glasses- $59.00.

Am I limited to a certain product?

No, you are not limited to certain products. OVBA offers the latest lens technology (transitional, progressive and high index) and designer frames at a low additional fee. (Usually savings of 50% or more as compared to retail prices.)

If I have eye care insurance at the present time, can I still join the OVBA plan?

Yes. You may use the OVBA plan to buy a second and third pair of glasses or contact lenses at reduced prices. ( Save the cost of the eye exam you already had ) A reserve pair of eyewear or contact lenses is strongly recommended.

I already have a prescription for glasses. (Or I am covered by insurance for eye exam and glasses). Do I have the possibility to purchase eye glasses only?

Yes. You can save the cost of the eye exam and pay only for the item(s) you purchase.

  1. You may only buy the glasses (frame and lenses)
  2. You may only buy the frames.
  3. You may buy the lenses (use your frame again.)
  4. You may only purchase contact lenses.

Are there any fees or charges required for registering as a member?


Do I have to pay any monthly dues in order to keep my membership?


Do I pay any fees for eye care services?


When does my membership start?

Your membership starts on the day of registration.

Do I choose the eye care provider or do I select from a pre-approved list of OVBA eye care providers?

You must choose an eye care provider from the OVBA pre-approved group of eye care providers. Go to to search for an OVBA eye care provider in your area.To setup an appointment with an eyecare provider for an eye exam, you must first contact OVBA

Who is eligible to join this plan?

Everyone. There is no age limit.

Do I register myself or do I register through an representative?

No representative is needed. You may register yourself via the Internet at You may also register by calling 1-800-809-6822.

Can I add family members at any time?

Yes. Family members may be added at any time. we recommend that you register your entire family at the time of enrollment.


  1. The date of registration of the head of household (father/mother or single parent) is the same date for the entire family (even if a new member is added at a later date.)

I have already purchased eyewear for myself and now I wish to add my family to the plan. Can I change from an individual plan to a family plan?

Yes. If you have a pending order for eyewear it must be paid in full prior to changing from an individual plan to the family plan.

If I get married, can I add my spouse?

Yes. Just re-enter your registration status as a married person when re-registering.

Is there an age limit for children in the family plan?

Yes. The age limit for children covered by the family plan is 18 years old.

May I add my grandparents under my family plan?

No. Grandparents are considered a separate family.

Does OVBA Provide insurance?

No. OVBA is not an insurance company and does not provide an insurance policy. OVBA is an Executive Provider Organization (EPO) that acts as liason between participating eye care providers and OVBA members.

In the event of unsatisfactory services or products, what is my recourse?

Contact OVBA immediately at 1-800-809-6822 (toll free). We will do our utmost to resolve an unsatisfactory situation.

NOTE: OVBA has no financial responsibility or obligation to refund fees or collect monies from an eye care provider. OVBA will do its best to mediate any disputes between the parties involved in order to reach a satisfactory result.

How do I contact OVBA for further information?

Phone: 1-800-809-6822 or 1-323-932-9003
Fax: 1-800-932-6008 or 1-323-932-6001

5552 W. Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016


OVBA is NOT an insurance company

OVBA is an Exclusive Provider Organization (E.P.O)

OVBA is comprised of optometrists and opthalmo logists