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OPTI-VISION BENEFITS OF AMERICA (OVBA) is an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO Referred to as OVBA) comprised of eye care providers (Optometrists, Ophthalmologists) and manufacturing Opticians (wholesale optical laboratories) based in California. OVBA benefits are:

  • Free Registration!!
  • No premiums, no deductibles. OVBA is not an insurance company. Pay only when OVBA benefits are used.
  • Affordable pricing and attractively valued packages. (Individuals, families, organized groups and employers)
  • Employers may save over 75% of eye care costs. The conventional insurance system is based on capitation payment for all employees regardless of whether or not they need glasses. With OVBA as your exclusive provider organization (referred to as an E.P.O.), the employer pays only for the employees who use the benefits. This may add over 75% savings in eye care cost.
  • Convenient network of eye care providers in your neighborhood.
  • No restriction on lenses or frame selection. Latest lens technology and frame design are available at a low additional cost. (Progressive, Transition, all High Index materials, Anti-Reflection coating, Low Vision, Safety Eyewear, Specialty Lenses at 60% savings compared to retail cost.)
  • Even if you are currently covered by insurance, your free OVBA membership allows you to purchase a second and third pair of eyewear at OVBA prices.
  • Professionalism, experience and one-on-one personal attention set OVBA providers apart from large chains and discount stores. A large variety of high end products are available only at independent eye care providers.

For further information, please contact OVBA at:

Address: 5552 W. Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016
Phone: (800) 809-6822 or (323) 932-9003
Fax: (800) 932-6008 or (323) 932-6001
Email: info@OVBA.net

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